Nutraceuticals ,a term derived from Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals by Dr.Stephen DeFelice ,founder chairman of the Foundation for Innovations in Medicine, NY.US.; to name this rapidly growing area of Biomedical Research. This may be defined as any substance that may be considered as a food or part of a food and provides medical or health benefits including Prevention and Treatment of several DISEASES. Nutraceuticals may range from isolated nutrients(single ingredient) ,Dietary supplement and special diet to genetically engineered Designer foods ,herbal derivatives and processed products such as cereals, soups and beverages. These products possess pertinent physiological and biological activities . At present Nutraceuticals represent the fastest growing segment with rise of 5% per annum in U.S.

With increasing percentage of chronic and life style diseases, utility of Nutraceuticals /Dietary supplements/Functional foods and Herbal ingredients is proving quite beneficial. It is evident from the fact that in 21st century very less number of new Drug molecules are invented and focus of Pharmaceutical industry is thus diverted to allied areas like formulation and development of Herbal Actives and Nutraceutical/Dietery products. Nutraceuticals and diet plans can do much more than improving the quality of life of the patients. In fact when applied in rationale combination with modern drugs therapy ,it will have much more positive effects such as reduced side effects and enhanced absorption of active drug. There lies vast potential to explore the positive synergistic effects between Nutraceuticals and clinical conventional Drug therapy. Intensive research is going on this concept to develop more effective Drug regimen through design and application of co therapy linking Nutraceuticals with modern therapeutic drugs.

The relationship between diet and disease prevention is not a new concept. In fact the basic theory in Chinese herbal medicine Medicine and diet share the same origins emphasises that scientific diet strategy may play an undeniable role in human health. Many studies have shown the importance of Nutrition and Diet with active life cycle, as a healthy aging strategy in the prevention of most aging related diseases such as Cancer, CVD and Neuro degenerative diseases. This concept should be encouraged as part of daily living to prevent disease process and should be promoted and applied in clinical setting.

Our contribution

Our aim is to provide distinct formulations in Pharmaceutical as well as Nutraceutical range and to explore and exploit the global market for the same, redefining the health care for every individual. Our thrust is on promoting Wellness through prevention of diseases rather than treating the same. This is the reason we preferred to concentrate on Nutraceutical along with Pharmaceutical formulations. It is our desire to formulate natural and safer Nutraceutical products as an integral part of mainstream health care by providing and promoting high quality Nutraceutical products based on proper scientific studies.